Friday, June 5, 2009

The Hiatus Comeback

The last couple days I've been moody, blue -- sometimes up, sometimes down, mostly up but frequently down -- about my hiatus. At times it's been a mess of blues. But there's enough of a variance day to day that's really there's been something for everybody.

I'm reminded of a guy who climbs mountains. What he must feel like when it comes time to climb the next one! He must think, c'mon everybody, one of these days it's going to be the end. And, I'll just hope my time hasn't come yet, but I'm afraid this is a mountain I just can't climb, and if I fall I'll be saying this is my heaven and I'm goin' home.

But it's a wonderful world, so I went with it -- the hiatus. A few days ago -- I can't believe I didn't say it before -- I thumbed myself all the way down to Memphis and was staying at the YMCA. I went to one of the dives down there and dove right in and played my guitar down at the end of Lonely St., and sang about my hiatus. It was my hope that everyone would treat me nice about this thing, but many of my "friends" and "followers" decided instead we're gonna move. But that's all right. I said I'll just sing for myself tomorrow night.

Ever since I've been ragging philosophic about my loss, essentially it's been easy come, easy go. When I have my druthers, of course I'll take love. But first you gotta stop what you're doing and let me be. If you won't do that, there's the door, let yourself go.

I was in Memphis just a while, then called and told Grandma I'm comin' home. She gently responded I want you with me, to which I responded with several echoes of love, even telling her that the thrill of her love was at times a dirty, dirty feeling. Fortunately she didn't tell me to stay away. I got lucky.

But now that I've said that I feel so bad and I need to make her know it. She'll ask me whether it hurts me or not. (At least we'll be together.) I'll say there's too much monkey business going on, you're wearin' that loved on look, my suspicion's never ending, and, it's such an easy question, but is your real name Judy or could it be she's not you?

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