Saturday, June 6, 2009

Polk Salad Hiatus

Some of you all never been down south, boy, I'm gonna tell you all about it, so if you go on down there you can pick me up some and bring me back a mean mess of polk salad. Chomp, chomp.

I'm on this hiatus here, this hiatus, and somethin' they all been sayin' here about this boy, they say I'm lazy and no count. He claims to have a game toe. You know that's what they're talkin' about ... but then again I'm doin' all right.

Now every day about supper time, Granny goes down by the truck patch. I'm sending her there to carry it back, to carry it back in a tote sack. It's a green thing she gets and it grows down there, and this thing, it grows out there in the woods and it grows down there in the fields, I swear to the world.

And this thing I'm talkin' about, it kind of looks like, just like a turnip, a lot like a turnip with somethin' that looks just like a mess of green salad stickin' up. Chomp, chomp. And every evening about supper time, she goes on down there and picks us up a mean mess of it and she comes on home then so that she can fix it and we can eat it. Cause that's about all we have. But then again we do all right.

Everybody says it's such a shame about Granny, that she's so mean and vicious, a 'gator tamin' woman, Granny. She's wretched and spiteful and totin' a straight razor, but she does all right. You know what I mean. Workin' on a chain gang somewhere down there some place you all ain't never been in Louisiana. Lawd have mussy.

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