Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Me Promoting "The Apparent Intelligence Of Creatures"

Editor's Note: I made a glorious return to Twitter tonight. You be the judge!

Life is all about choices. I choose to be here right now. I chose not to be here the last several weeks.

Because of my choice, I lost several of my most choice followers.

That's their choice. Of course it's my choice to retaliate against them with brickbats and machetes (figuratively speaking, of course).

I come at people like the gingsu knife guy, or the ginseng tea guy....chop chop, tea's on.

Anything I can do to spur on the people in my corner of the world, that's what I choose to do.

Free choice, it's a beautiful thing. To be or not to be.

I woke up today like a house on fire. But I'm going to bed wimped out.

If you didn't see my post today on "The Apparent Intelligence of Creatures," you should catch it.

It was one of those house on fire mornings for this stuff. Sometimes I'm blah ... but today, like I said, house on fire crazy.

Of course it couldn't last. I had other work to do, the kind of work that shoehorns me back into conventionality.

Oh ... but this morning when I got up, I was laughing up a storm, I really was. With "The Apparent Intelligence of Creatures" and others.

In short, since you missed it, it had to do with the intelligence of students getting on a bus. The bus came from a different direction!

That I SAW this happen is such a lovely thing. I saw it, I observed it, I focused in on the event like a laser beam, which has a real focus.

And when I saw the students running for the bus, going a totally different direction than they're used to, I knew that had to be IT!

They had "intelligence," something instinctual, the kind of thing that only creatures at the creaturely level can automatically demonstrate.

Anyway .... I'm proud of it ... so I thought I'd gin up a little interest. House afire good.

Good night. It's time for me to burrow in for a long winter's nap. Then who knows what I might see tomorrow!

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