Monday, February 8, 2010

My Moldy Coffee Pot

I got up today thinking I would want a pot of dark, very dark, rich coffee. It's been a while. I've been drinking tea for maybe four or five months. Meaning I haven't made a pot of coffee in all that time.

I have one of the French press coffee pots, with the little metal filter and the other pieces. It was all up in the cupboard, safe and sound ... I thought.

First I got out the coffee grinder and sniffed it. It still had the residue of ground coffee in it and I was wondering if maybe they went bad. I'd hate to be poisoned. Set that aside.

Then I got the coffee pot out and instantly saw a big problem. There was an inch or more of mold build up in the bottom of it, like a fluffy little science project. The metal filter and all that was together and pushed down in the pot and it was molded over as well.

So ... scratch the coffee.

Then I dug in and wasted my free time getting it cleaned out. I'm boiling water to dip it all in and roll it around after I get the mold out. I threw a pot of water with mold in the snow outside. It's a disgusting bunch of filth.

The filter seemed the hardest to clean and I'm still not entirely sure it's completely clean. I see little flecks, but with scrubbing, picking at it with a toothbrush, and boiling, it looks the same, so it's probably harmless by now.

I got it all boiled -- oh, what a terrible thing to happen -- and I was ready. Then the final problem, I couldn't find the coffee. I know I had part of a bag of coffee beans those months ago when I set it all aside. But someone must've stuck it somewhere and I don't know where.

So I didn't get any coffee this morning. Went with a glass of milk and a bagel instead.

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