Thursday, June 23, 2011

The All-Seeing Eye

The All-Seeing Eye is looking at you, seeing you, and is aware of everything you do. The All-Seeing Eye is life's supreme scanner, never failing to see the details, the dot patterns, and even the shadows behind your actions.

You are out there, and you have your own story, and so often you're trying to cover your tracks. The other guy has his story, too, and he's also covering his tracks. Each story is wrapped up in the need for their self-protection. We might listen to each story and not know the truth. But The All-Seeing Eye knows, with the thoughts and intents of each heart being laid bare before the one with whom we have to do.

Judgment is made, despite the protests, The All-Seeing Eye hears. Because The All-Seeing Eye knows. It doesn't just guess, it doesn't need to listen to bullshit, it sees right to the core, right to the marrow of every issue. And judgment happens just like that -- what it sees it also recognizes, and what it recognizes is the truth.

This is what you've tried to escape in life, the swift judgment of The All-Seeing Eye. But how vain, how foolhardy it is to run! You're going across a field, a bare path traversed by a million, a billion runners before you. Your arms are flailing, and even as you run you know the vanity of your flight. For The All-Seeing Eye is cruising right above you, right behind you. Like the big hand in "Yellow Submarine."

The more foolish among us hide in the rocks, or hide in the clefts in the side of the mountains, thinking there might be a shield from The All-Seeing Eye. But The All-Seeing Eye, hanging back a minute before it takes away that vain hope, suddenly appears, unblinking, unmoving, offering a terrible unyielding focus ... right on them. It's almost too much, and they cry out for the mountains to fall on them, and for death to spare them this plight. But of course it is their fate to live, and to be seen by The All-Seeing Eye.

To the wise among us, and it's taken me many foolish lifetimes of errors to learn the first hints of wisdom, we know The All-Seeing Eye is our life, and ultimately our salvation. The All-Seeing Eye keeps us in line, desiring harmony for us in keeping with Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss. We submit willingly to The All-Seeing Eye, as I am submitting right now.

I am about to walk out of my house. What I might do with the rest of the day, it's unimportant that I say. It's enough that The All-Seeing Eye knows and will be watching me. Believe me, I will try my best to behave myself.

In other news, "Jehovah Appears To The World."

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