Monday, June 27, 2011

The Beautiful Evergreens In The Park

It was a beautiful sunny day, a great day for getting out to the park.

We strolled along, enjoying the sight of the kids playing, the Frisbee golfers, the trees, squirrels carrying away picnic baskets, and of course the shrubbery, the evergreens.

It's usually in spring, they say, when young men's fancies turn to love, and women's with them. But we saw a few summer romantics out as well.

We were looking at one couple on a bench who kissed forever. We really don't know how long they kissed. They were kissing when we got there, then we went for a walk and came back and they were still kissing! If they never advance beyond that, too bad for them.

Don't be a homebody. As long as it's summer, get out and do something. Mosquitoes have to eat, too.

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