Monday, July 28, 2008

The Day So Far

Grandma's been in bed for a few days. She gets up for bathroom breaks, then goes back to bed. She hasn't had an appetite at all. I've been looking in on her once in a while to make sure she's breathing. And so far she usually is.

Today, though, she got up and came to the table and had some Grape Nuts and apricots. I hope whatever's kept her down is about over with. It's a drag getting my own meals.

Then -- a big surprise -- she wanted to go into the living room and sit on the couch. So we did that. I got out her walker, even rotated its tennis balls, which I try to do every 10 miles for a more even wear, and she made her way to the couch.

I sat in the corner chair and we sat in silence. After a while I started thumbing through some of her old "True Story" type of magazines, just glancing up a few times. She was just staring ahead. We sat there a while and then she indicated she wanted to go back to bed, so that's where she is now.

Her breathing is fine -- maybe three or four breaths a minute. So I think she'll be OK.

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