Monday, July 14, 2008

Our House Takes More Leaks Than I Do

We've been having troubles with leaks at chez Slump. Our old copper plumbing is having a hard time keeping the water inside itself. It must be having an open house, with air invited for a visit. The consequence of this hospitality is little spritzes of water zipping everywhere. There's some green spots on the pipes, could be camouflage.

I've been in the cellar with little pieces of rubber tubing and clamps, stopping up one leak then another. If you've seen that Three Stooges episode where Curly is building a pipe jungle in the bathtub but there's still spray everywhere, well, it's not quite that bad.

Today there was some other leaking, in the ceiling, dripping down, so what to do about that, I don't know. As it is now we're passing out umbrellas and life jackets and playing Rihanna real loud. Also I might listen to my download of All Time Low's version of "Umbrella" from Pop Goes Crunk.

Just so the ceiling doesn't start bowing down! I'll put some duct tape around it and hot glue it to the dry spots. That ought to work.

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