Thursday, February 18, 2010

Any Kind Of Turning Would Be Good

It seems like it would be a good idea to be turning, physically turning, maybe in circles, or turning something else.

Maybe I could twirl an open umbrella. That's always a refreshing thing to do. You give it a spin, it goes around in a pretty way. It feels light, breezy, and magical. An umbrella doesn't need much to spin in your hands, even though it doesn't spin very long.

I don't have a windmill and don't know where you get them. But they're fun to turn or to see blowing. We used to stick them out the window in the car. But if you're going too fast, they get caught in the wind and, theoretically, could explode into a ball of flames. If it were a really hot day.

Something that would be very easy for me to do would be to turn on a room fan or a ceiling fan. I read in a feng shui book about the good benefits of having a fan running in your room, even if you're not in there to get the immediate effects of it. If something like that is true, then maybe I'm on to a psychic truth in my sudden interest in having something turning.

OK, I went and turned on the ceiling fan in my room. It hasn't been on since fall.

But I could use some turning right where I am. There's nothing right here to turn. I'll check and see if I have a tiny fan I could bring in. Hmm, I don't see one.

Turn, turn, turn. That's a song, of course. A very philosophical song. And I remember a song from Jim Croce's first album (Capitol), "Spin, spin, spin, spin around." Any song with turning would be good. Just to watch a record going around would be refreshing.

I want to see something in a circular motion, a whoopee finger or an entire galaxy.

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