Monday, February 22, 2010

The Cards Are Dealing Death

The cards are shuffled one time. Then a card is withdrawn from the top of the deck, Death.

We put the Death card back and shuffle a few more times. This time we pull a card from the middle somewhere, quite at random, Death.

We put it back in the deck and shuffle them for about an hour, getting the deck so mixed up, as mixed up as possible, and pull out a card, concentrating on every other card there is, and it comes out Death.

We get an automatic shuffler. Then we shuffle the cards so many times there's no way they can't be random beyond all degree, all imagination. Yet when the card is pulled out, again it's Death.

The shuffler has a higher speed, so high, so fast, that the cards are whizzing by, virtually turning to butter like Sambo's tigers. I blink my eyes really fast and can actually see a stick of butter in the very heart of the thing, appearing then being enfolded back in.

When we turn the shuffler off, it's steaming, dripping, and giving up the ghost. We pick the first buttery card, which is Death.

Now I finally throw out the Death card and pull again, and it's Death. They're all Death cards, one after another, the whole drippy, buttery deck is nothing but Death. Everywhere, Death cards!

I run down the street, pursued by hungry tigers and Death cards!

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