Friday, February 12, 2010

The Apparent Ability Of Creatures To Know Their Schedule

It's been a week of scientific study, as I have noted and interpreted "The Apparent Intelligence of Creatures" and "The Apparent Quick Adaptability of Creatures." Both studies involved the kids waiting for the school bus outside, across the street.

Today I was at the window with my clipboard and microscopes, tapping my watch because no one was showing up. The bus usually comes from the south, but the south was clear. The last couple of days it came from the west, but the west was also clear. As for the pathways, there were no kids to be seen.

Those are the facts as I observed their absence.

Of course my first thought was that everyone called in sick. Including the bus driver. Because I'm not feeling that well myself. I woke up today feeling dizzy and tipsy; I haven't got my normal balance. So I've been stumbling and staggering around. It could be possible, now that I think of it, that I had a stroke and was looking out the wrong window. That was obviously skew the results of the study. That would be an epistemological nightmare really, since there would be no basis for me to trust any of the information that I feel my senses are receiving and processing.

Except I'm sure I was looking out the right window. It's the window facing the street, right? The same one I look out everyday. Being dizzy isn't going to make me that confused. So that can't be it.

The only other possibility I can come up with -- and it's a long shot -- is that school might've been called off today. Like maybe it's a teachers' "in service." I wish we would've had those when I was in school. The kids today, if it's not a snow day it's an "in service" day! So they're sitting home five days out of seven playing video games and inflicting their parents with noise. This is why the younger generation doesn't know a thing about a thing, because the teachers are so busy learning to teach that they never get around to teaching!

So let's say the called off school. Since I don't go to school, there's no reason I should know that. They didn't tell me. But the apparently told everyone else. Leading me to think that my study today isn't all in vain. Because this proves (or suggests) something about the apparent ability of creatures to know their own schedules. If you're scheduled to go to school, you know that. And if it's called off, that you also know.

The apparent intelligence and ability that these parents and kids and bus drivers have is amazing.

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