Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Second Vernon Hoff Post

I'm going to write this very slowly and thoughtfully today. Usually I'm rushing along because I want to get done and get on to something else. But I think Vernon Hoff deserves some thoughtfulness. It's such a beautiful subject. And I want to allow my mind to explore the subject, as much as is possible.
I do already feel what I always feel, that I'm not fully equal to the task at hand. That a task as great as this deserves and demands more than I can accomplish is always my big fear. But there's no one else around who wants to do it, which to me is very sad. What I would love to have is a ready made site to go to to learn more about Vernon. But there's not one that I can find. So you at least are very fortunate, that I (however tentatively and imperfectly) have taken the task upon myself.

I really can't believe I'm the only one who's interested or concerned with Vernon Hoff. If it turns out that I am the only one, that will be very sad indeed. But I definitely am interested in him. And I hope there are others.

If only there were more to learn. I am disappointed that I can't find more out there. What would it take for me to be satisfied? That I don't know. Something more than nothing, for sure. I'd like to have one of the 8" x  10" pictures, for example. Maybe a few articles about his show. Maybe some biographical details. If he's alive, where he is. If he's dead, where he's buried. All that sort of thing.

It would seem that Vernon didn't have a permanent address or a family to go home to. His address in the several Billboard ads are always the towns he happens to be in at the moment. So he might've been in New York, Ohio, Texas, California, or somewhere else. And that's where he got his mail.

There are several Vernon Hoffs, presently and in the past, but which one may be this one, I don't know.

He sounds fascinating though, in that he "possesses the grace and action that makes his act so popular!"

He sounds youthful enough. In 1947 he was advertising himself as "Dayton's favorite boy strip tease dancer." So when might he have been born? 1927, thereabouts? Could he be calling himself a "boy strip tease dancer" at 30? Somewhere around 20-25 seems like it'd be understandable.

He was in Dayton for eight weeks at the Ring Cafe. Eight weeks at one cafe. It seems to me something about him would have to pop up in Dayton once in a while, like an 8" x 10" picture at an antique store. Or some old Dayton debauch in a nursing home, an ex-debauch there, would have some old stories to tell about how far Vernon got stripped down before he left the rest to their imagination. The answers are out there, folks, but our chances are passing quickly.

Think of how good you'd have to be to last eight weeks at the same cafe! But someone who can present a "Symphony in curves, sex appear personified!" and be a "Frisque singer," has obviously got what it takes, not only to pack them in but be memorable ... even at this late date.

So I'm hoping against hope that someone out there will know something more about Vernon Hoff, and will come out of the very comfortable woodwork to fill me in, me who wasn't even born at the time of Vernon's hottest moves.

Look at this cute ad. Vernon's act must've had some choice humorous bits as well as the sexy stuff. He did an original parody, "Chiquita Banana, the fruit song, show stopper." It says that's a quote from a critic. That would've been great. I think it would've been really cool to see. Or hear about now.

If anyone knows anything definite about Vernon Hoff, female impersonator, please contact me through this blog. I don't want to put an ad in Billboard, but if I have to ... I might have to!

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