Friday, May 28, 2010

An Industrial Park?

This is one I've heard of and have never quite been able to believe, calling the industrial section of town an "industrial park."

To me that's like them rubbing our nose in it. One, it's a sham that we even have to suffer an industrial section in our town. But it's rubbing our nose in it to try and confuse the facts by calling it a park!

My own town doesn't have an "industrial park," but I'm talking about another place I visited. My own town's industrial section might be worse than this other town's, because they're not even trying to disguise the fact that they're an industrial section. But they're better in this sense, that at least they're admitting they're simply an industrial section and aren't trying to confuse us into thinking they're a park.

We all know what a park is. They have a slide, a swing set, a jungle jim, and a big hollow turtle kids can crawl under. The industrial section has things that mimic the park but with lots more danger. There are big augurs that look like a slide, chains with flat signs hanging from them that might remind you of a swing, and enough electrical scaffolding to look like a jungle jim. As for the turtle you could crawl under, there might be a few mutant turtles in the vats of runoff.

I personally am not confused in the slightest. I've seen the scam from day one. But there a lot of innocent kids who might hear this place referred to as a park and think they could go play there. Then they're up on the scaffolding and they could get shocked, then fall into a vat of turtles and runoff. It's not a healthy environment for children and other living creatures.

Of course I hate every industrial section I happen to see, but there's a special place in the hell of my mind reserved for an industrial section that calls itself a park!

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