Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Industrial Powers And The Railroads

I was down at a big railroad terminal today nosing around, trying to ferret out the connection, if any, between the industrial powers and the railroads.

We tend to have a romantic view of the railroads, because that's the way we're indoctrinated. My parents, and even my grandparents, were a part of this, I'm guessing unknowingly. They like to give Baby a "choo choo train," to push or pull it around the room while going "Choo choo" in that silly, yet excusable, baby voice. One time I saw a baby who pulled his "choo choo train" around the room, oblivious to the fact that it wasn't rolling on its wheels but he was pulling it on its side. That was one very stupid kid! On the other hand he was only one, so I'll be merciful, I guess, and say, "Live and learn."

And yet ... and yet ... who were the stupid ones? Was it the kid, or could it have been his parents? Here I need to cut a little slack, because if I go down this track all the way, I'll be implicating my own parents. Which I refuse to do this close to Mother's and Father's Day. Any other time of the year, yes. It wasn't the kid's fault that he was pulling a "choo choo train" around the room in the first place; it was the parents' fault! They're the ones who were so uninformed and unthinking about the possible relationship between the industrial powers and the railroads.

So like I said, I was down at this railroad hub, this gathering spot for trains of all sizes and types, doing a little nosing around, some investigating, trying to determine if there is indeed any relation between the industrial powers and the railroads. What I found was amazing.

I found that there are railroad tracks going along the edge of the industrial section of town, then in places there are tracks that veer off from the main line actually into the industrial section. I would love to see it from the air, because then my study and conclusions would probably be accomplished quicker. As it was, I was still able to discern that there does truly appear to be a relationship, or, to be more accurate, there was at one time. As there were no trains coming through in the time I was there, I can't be sure that the relationship is ongoing.

Still, think about it, there are trains that go through town everyday. And the industrial section, of course, is always there. The track goes right by the industrial section, meaning at least -- and this is a major point -- the trains definitely have to go that way, being that close to the industrial section.

Going a little further, I examined the tracks. I noticed that the main line, what appeared to be the main line, was a very shiny iron, with very little rust. Then some of the side tracks also presented the same sheen, barely any rust. Then there were other side tracks, adjacent to buildings that seemed to be more or less abandoned, that were much more rusty. I let these facts soak in for a while. I went back to my car and gave Underbrush a doggie biscuit. I myself had a Triscuit and a Thermos cup of cold water.

While munching, I thought it over long and hard. Rust or no rust? Buildings that seem to be in daily use and buildings that appear to be abandoned? What could be the relationships involved? How much easier it would be if about a dozen trains all showed up at the same time? Or if someone had some time lapse films of the deed being done.

I munched on the Triscuits until my jaw was sore. Underbrush looked at me intently, making me feel guilty for leaving her Thermos at home. Still, you're a dog. Drink out of a ditch or something. As I munched I started thinking about the relationship of rusty and non-rusty tracks to the Lord. You can spiritualize it like this:

Lord, I've been going over the tracks of my life as it's been lived thus far. There were many times I was going along in a good way. And the tracks of my life were very shiny, no rust at all. Then there were other times, hard to explain, when I expected them to be rust-free, yet when I look back on them I see they were very rusty. Why is it that in those toughest times I had to endure all that rust? When you, Lord, certainly know that I would've preferred the better, shinier tracks! I felt like I was offended. It was just then that the Lord appeared unto me, and He said, "My son, I never abandoned you to the rusty tracks of life, but they were there. When the tracks were shiny, you were going along very well. But, my son, when they were rusty, those were the times I was carrying you on my flatcar!"

So the message there is that there are metaphoric railroad tracks, which are good ... and there are literal railroad tracks, which are not necessarily good, because the industrial powers appear to be using them, with the intent being the ruin of the world. The railroads, if this is true, are in cahoots with the industrial powers, ultimately going toward their own destruction.

I will be watching. When it's least expected, I will be there, to see if some of my assumptions (and fears) are true, that there is an ongoing relationship between the industrial powers and the railroads. If there is, I will examine it and what it means.

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