Monday, May 10, 2010

Local Man Takes On Industrial Powers

That's the headline that should be in the Daily News but isn't, something like, "Local Man Takes On Industrial Powers," "Local Man Challenges Industrial Powers," or "Local Man Sissifies Industrial Powers." Anything would be better than nothing, but nothing is about what I have.

I could use some help here! How is one local man, without the benefit of publicity and a public rallying around him, supposed to bring down the entire industrial complex and restore the world to its proper dignity? I'm starting to think maybe they're all in this together against me, just like they're against us all.

Surely someone in the media knows about my struggle by now. I've been going at it incessantly for a month or so. I've had the industrial powers breathing down my neck for a good two weeks. I've stood against them even as they've stationed both chiefs and underlings in my pussy willow trees, and as they've shot fireballs over my roof, which thankfully wasn't made out of thatch.

Of course just looking through the pages of the paper tells part of the answer, the advertising the paper gets from the various industries, or the other civic positions these vipers have wormed their way into. When the upper crust gets together, the rest of us suffer.

I do have my worldwide outreach here at the blog, which is great, but still, a few hits from France, Sweden, Russia, and Mauritius really isn't going to bring these cretins to their knees, no matter how much I wish otherwise. There's power in numbers, and numbers I haven't got.

Still, there's been plenty of other do-gooders in history who've had to stand alone. Then after they've been crucified, hung, or shot to death, after a few decades or centuries they're vindicated. So maybe that's what I have to look forward to, a quick death, then in years to come they'll make a holiday for me. They could get rid of Columbus Day, which is an idiotic holiday, and replace it with mine, and that'd be OK. I like October, just as an aside.

I would love to see some more publicity for this worthwhile cause. How is my assassin going to know about me if he doesn't read about me in the paper?

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