Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Own Interests In Industry

There's been a few naysayers among my readers, those who wait for and read my posts on a daily basis, about the truth of my convictions against the industrial powers and industry in general.

Yes I do hear from numerous of you, mostly telling me how much you enjoy the Google ads and click them for the information that you get as far as bargains and products that you can't get anywhere else. But then there's a few of you who feel it's your duty to criticize and take me to task now and again.

Part of this I can understand, the gentle nudging that I get, which pushes me to make improvements and even to hone some of my opinions. But then of course some of it is suspect -- real criticism, some very tough -- that probably, if we are being honest probably comes from the industrial powers themselves. It's in their interest to push me as hard as they can. And so of course I would suspect that, being also just naturally a very suspicious person.

Some of the criticism takes this tack, that I myself have interests in industry. This is one of the oldest criticisms of the book. That basically boils down to this, if you yourself have any interest in something you have no right to criticize. But of course when it comes to industry all of us have some interest in it, some history. They've even taken me to task for having a computer, which itself is a product of industry. Honestly, I've tried to make my own computer apart from industry, out of peach crates and silicon bags, but it just didn't work.

In my defense -- as to my interests -- my interests don't rise to the level of complicity, such as having a job down at the monster truck tire company or investments. I will admit to this, because I know someone would dig up the truth if I didn't: I did enjoy free free barbecued pork burgers at Fourth of July picnic last year, which were provided by this local industry. That said, I didn't think they were that great.

But whatever interest I have in the industry myself, and my interests are meager, I have a greater interest in the environment and in the living standards, the quality of life in my community and in the world. If all we do is breathe in the black smoke from the blast furnace of this mammoth industry, simply for the sake of monster truck tires, I believe it's going to do us more harm than good. Then multiply that concern by all of the industrial sections in the world and all of the people who want a higher quality of life. Someone has to stand up and be counted.

So I appreciate my readership, and I'm happy that you are here today. And I hope that you find some terrific bargains through the Google ads that I display. And I hope that you find my opinions, and the important news you read here, as valuable as I myself find it. But not just to fulfill your curiosity or that you can take in information for the sake of information, but that you would use it in this important fight against industry and the industrial powers.

All of us have some interest in industry -- unless you've figured out the secret of peach crates and silicon bags -- but we also have an interest in living, free from the black smoke of these blasted companies.

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