Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Day, Another Industrial Park

Like I've said before, it's one of my biggest pet peeves that we have sullied the word "park" by calling the industrial section an "industrial park." There's nothing park-like about them! Unless you're going on the theory of counterfeit things that sort of half way resemble the real thing, such as big electrical scaffolding that vaguely resemble a jungle jim, etc.

And another thing I think I've hammered into everyone's heads well enough is this, that my current viability levels are extremely low, too low to be adequate for me to be out nosing around the industrial section of my own town. They've been on to me for months. My car's flagged, the whole works. They've even been out to my house, shooting fireballs over my roof, that's how bad it's been; it's not that bad now, though.

So what I took to doing, with this whole viability thing in mind, is to moderately nose around other industrial sections in other towns if I ever happen to be in the area. And somehow, like a stalker, I guess, when I'm in these other towns, my car always seems to find the crappy section of town, right where the industrialists are most at home.

It's funny, though ... yesterday ... I didn't have that whole stalker mentality ... I was just out cruising in my car ... feeling bright, sunny, and gay ... I was traveling ... road trip ... mentally lounging ... somehow I had managed to put everything out of my mind about the industrial section and the industrial powers ... it was a welcome break from something that's consumed me ... zeal for thy house hath eaten me up ... I'm buzzing along, breezin' along with the breeze, wandering like a butterfly ... when -- wouldn't you know it? -- I came to a place that said "Industrial Park"!?

At first I thought, Nahhhh, you've seen enough of these sore thumbs; I've taken enough big fingers to the eye; just keep going ... go go go ... which I started to do, then I pulled over and backtracked. The only camera I had was the one in my phone. So I started to get it ready, to take a picture of the "Industrial Park" sign, as evidence, then I slowed down to a crawl, then I stopped to try to get a picture. But the traffic was so great, especially trucks trying to get in with their burden and to pick up another, that I was almost mowed down. Out of self preservation I skipped the picture ... so you're going to just have to take my word for it that I saw one. It was there!

After a little bit, past the "Park" sign, I came to the inevitable "Industrial Drive" sign, then maybe an "Industrial Way" sign. The only thing missing was "Industrial Villa" and "Industrial Pre-School"! I mean, it's ridiculous! Don't these clowns know any other way besides the word "Industrial" and something else?

I passed some of their typically bloated buildings. That's a given. You could fit several football fields in these places. I just hope they have beams and supports in there or the roofs, being massively flat, will totally collapse the next time we have snow.

I saw all the usual rusty metal, including some gigantic beams that require a top down railroad track and several hooks and chains as thick as a five gallon milk jug to hook on to the girders to transport them in to the building. What precisely they're making out of these girders, that's anyone's guess. Whatever it is, I wouldn't want to be paying for it by the pound! Unless they're making clothes hangers, which, purchased individually tend to be fairly lightweight.

I found it all very disgusting, the whole scene. But then I thought about all the cars in the parking lot, representing the poor souls with jobs who work there. There they are, day after day wasting the potential free time they could've had, all for the sake of being able to buy a six pack of beer when they get off so they can go home and get drunk, then get up in the morning and do it all again. These are the lives the industrial powers callously consume.

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