Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Versus The Industrial Powers: My Frenetic Pace

You've come to the right place, you've hit the jackpot, if your desire is information on the industrial powers, the industrialists, and the various industrial sections of our cities and towns. I'm zeroed in on it to such a degree that there's no room for anyone else at this point in the field. I own this territory.

That's not to say I couldn't use help, if someone else out there were to pitch in and help get the job done. We need to bring these guys down before they bring us down. Note, I'm not asking for competitors in the field, but perhaps a few franchisees, anyone who might want to put up a few bucks for the cause, that we could double our energies and perhaps our output.

After all, wouldn't it be great to see 40 or 50 blogs conferring on a daily basis, putting our heads together, nosing around the various industrial sections, looking for facts and evidence, something we could use against them? It's definitely true that they have banded together, so it's disheartening to see myself as alone in this bitter struggle.

Frankly, I don't know how much longer I can keep up this frenetic pace. I'm up with the birds every morning, combing the newspaper and the internet, looking for all the evidence I can muster against the industrial powers. And that doesn't include all the effort I put into monitoring my viability for continuing this work, or the thoughts about nosing around the industrial section. It's all a lot, but I do it because I'm just that opposed to them. I would gladly give up a few hours of sleep if it meant helping the world as a whole in the long run. I'll relax when we win! And win we must!

Yesterday, or the night before last (technically), you might recall, I was going to post something I discovered about the industrial powers on the international scale. I want to mention what it was. Now, because of copyright restrictions, I can't duplicate the photograph here, but I will put the link to it. Please click that link, look at the photograph, then come back and get my commentary.

Are you back? Good. That was truly a horrifying picture, wasn't it? It's of a young man in India, and it seems like it was on a day called World Environment Day. He's in a body of water, taking a dip. But all around him is, what the caption calls "froth from industrial pollution."

Of course we're terrified when we see that picture. As for me, if I saw froth from industrial pollution a mile away I wouldn't be swimming in the water! Yet this guy is surrounded by the stuff. How he managed to find a clean spot to swim in, that's a big question. Unless, and this might be a good guess, his being in the water moved some of the froth over to the side. That's terrible! This guy will very likely die. Maybe he's dead already. That's no good!

That's one of the horrors of India. If you saw the movie "Slumdog Millionaire," you know they go to the bathroom over there right on the railroad tracks. No, wait, I think I saw that on "The Amazing Race." But in "Slumdog" they were going to the bathroom right in a shack and the kids were falling in, bobbing around. Then everything else about India, as seen in the movie, was disgusting. They're crazy over there.

But we're really not all that better! We relegate the industries to the industrial section, and this is the sort of thing that's going on all the time over here in the United States. They're belching out pollution, they're draining it off, they're polluting the seas, and driving their trucks in such a speedy and careless way that they literally suck the grass and weeds down in to the mud. I've seen it firsthand.

So I'm working, working, working, trying my best to stand against these guys, the industrialists. I'm keeping what I call "a frenetic pace," which I don't know how much longer I can stand. As long as it takes about has to be the only answer.

As long as I have life and breath, which if these guys have their way won't be long, we will oppose them and the destruction they bring on a daily basis. They themselves are working at a frenetic pace. We also must!

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