Monday, June 7, 2010

Industrial Powers Take Down Blogger

I missed posting an entry yesterday, through no direct fault of my own. But access to the Grandma Slump blog was completely interrupted and denied to me. I only managed today, by persistence, to get it back.

They must've really known I was on to them, that I was preparing something big, a big scoop, and indeed I was! Yesterday I was all set -- my viability reaching some good pre-May levels -- but something about it must've been discovered. I'm thinking they must truly be keeping good track of my comings and goings, the things happening here at the half acre.

The truth is, yes, I had prepared yesterday a fierce salvo I was preparing to lob, throw, or detonate. If I get fully recovered, I might put it up tomorrow. It had to do with the industrial powers on an international level, so we'll check into that possibly tomorrow.

But then, I go to post it, and wham! Everything was suddenly offline. Blogger was unavailable, which stretched well into today. These guys are good. Good at being bad! Through the night, I lost some of my fervor. I'm not afraid to admit it. The truth will set you free. In the middle of the night I woke up, thinking I'd rather have my sleep than take these guys on. I put it off till morning, at which time I was so mellowed out I could've spit marshmallows. With that, and with the lingering day, my viability levels went way down, meaning the industrial powers won the day.

When it's to their credit, I will say so. Because I know there will be more confidence for me in the future, that I will be able at some point to really take these guys to task. They're powerful, to be sure. They can take the entire blog down, to be sure. But if I sit tight, if I bide my time, if I wait for just the right time, then, believe it or not, the knife will go in, and then I'll give it a little twist. How's that feel?

I'm back tonight, announcing that I'm back tonight. Yesterday was tough, but when things get tough, that's when I get going!

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