Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Industrial Powers Destroyed Mayberry

Anyone have any idea what happened to the town of Mayberry, where Andy Griffith used to live? They razed it to make an industrial section out in California! This is no joke.

I was just watching a couple episodes of Andy Griffith yesterday. It's a good old show about the good old days, with lots of folksy, warm stuff happening. Admittedly it is set in an era after the Industrial Revolution sometime, meaning the industrial powers already had their finger in society's eye, but it seemed to be less pronounced and not nearly as egregious, especially in Mayberry itself.

One of the episodes I saw was the one where Opie finds $50. Then he has to wait a week or so until time runs out for the rightful owner to reclaim it. Then when he gets to keep the money, Andy and Barney discover a want ad in which the owner is trying to locate it. Suddenly there's a moral dilemma. Opie is doubted by his dad, but does the right thing, which is to get the money back for the guy.

There are some important life lessons we want people to learn from all that. One of which is something about "finders keepers, losers weepers" not always being applicable. And that you should not keep money that doesn't really belong to you. Which of course doesn't apply to the sharks in the investing, banking, and payday loan companies. The government ably assists these scoundrels to keep skinning people alive, but that's another story for another day.

So I'm reading a little about Andy Griffith, and what do I come across? but this little detail about where they filmed the show. Mayberry in part had some of its sets at a place in California called "RKO Forty Acres." They also filmed some Star Trek scenes there and even some scenes from the old Superman show. You can often spot the old church at "Forty Acres" in old shows.

Well, enter the industrial powers! As always, they're the thorn accompanying every rose!

According to Wikipedia, here's what happened to Mayberry: "In 1976 it was razed for re-development and is known today as the southern expansion of the Hayden Industrial Tract." In other words, Mayberry was destroyed by the industrial powers! Andy and Opie's fishing hole is (likely) now swarming with one eyed experimental fish, as well as other toxic creatures! They've torn down the church and put up a vat with bubbling slag!

Mayberry! One of the most legendary, most beautiful towns on earth, where Barney Fife did all his funniest bits. Destroyed, demolished, bulldozed under to make a place for -- what? -- an "Industrial Tract!"

Wake up! If the industrialists would do that to Mayberry, what plans do they have for your town?

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