Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pushing Back Against The Industrial Powers

As plans continue, all apace, for every man to have his own major slice of the industrial pie -- potentially a tire factory in every yard, an electrical plant on every block -- we're hearing about the inevitable push-back.

We all know there's nothing free in life, except the occasional free lunch, and when it comes to standing up to the industrial powers, that statement is twice as true. Thanks to the entrenched nature of their business, having been able to secure the whole pie, keep the whole pie, and eat the whole pie, all these years, the industrial powers aren't ready to give it up now. Their push-back is in the works.

One of the most glaring hypocritical aspects of it, of course, comes in their sudden insistence on tighter regulations. That's what I've noticed right away, with most of it being expected. If my own interests were suddenly threatened, say I'd been given massive leeway over many years and expected it to continue unimpeded, I know I'd fight back too. But I believe I'd try to keep it real.

Now that every man can have the industry of his choosing right in his yard, the potential for it being real, we're finding out what is supposedly in the heart of the industrial powers, their "great concern" for safety, standards, and "society's overall interests." Any man looking on with a jaded eye at their sudden conversion in favor of regulations would have to say, "Cry me a river!" Because, as far as I'm concerned, for one, they're a little late to that party to get their name on the dance card!

No, it's definitely push-back pure and simple. And if I may be permitted, I might say it's all a piece with their marketing schemes to this point, which has always been essentially, 'Throw everything against the wall and see what sticks.' So we've had every product from the car to the toaster, and that includes a lot of things in between, including all the variations on the chamois cloth. In short, the market's been glutted with a million and one products, and you can't tell me they've put a lot of thought into it! Or that they've had regulations seriously at the heart of their concerns!

But when they push-back against us -- every man -- what we need to do is push-back against them. And let them know, Our day has come! Saying, "You've had the field for these many years. And as far as responsibility went in your industrial pursuits, it's been a massive fail. Now it's our turn!"

No observer with his eyes open will fail to see what's going on here. And it'd be equally hard to ignore what's at stake in this struggle. It's a matter of billions and billions of dollars, perhaps more, and of course they're not going to go down easily. But we're not going to waver either. Somebody's going down.

So where do things stand as far as our prospects for having unfettered industry in our own backyard? Ultimately only time will tell. But I believe I can see ahead far enough already to know that our success is assured. It's not too early to see our success in sight, although it is equally accurate to say, and with this we will conclude, that, yes, ultimately only time will tell.

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