Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Feted Industrialist

I just wanted to follow up for a minute on my doctor's appointment yesterday. It went well. I was judged to be in good enough health to leave after the appointment, not to return until next time.

If you have your health, of course you're a very rich person. But things are going better than that for me these days, where I not only have my health but a little extra money too. My career as an industrialist is really paying off. I have enough money to command respect.

I was real happy about how many people knew me (or seemed to know of me) at the doctor's office. Most everyone in the waiting room glanced up when I came through the door. I started hoping that no one would make a scene in greeting me. Thankfully, no one did, and everyone went back to what they were doing once I was seated.

The receptionist had me filling out some papers, etc., all that terrible stuff that it'd be nice to do without. It's a little surprising, in this digital age, that they still have us filling out papers with a pen and clipboard. Can't we move beyond that to having at least a digital kiosk to take care of this? I had to catch myself before I complained, that's just how industrial-minded I am these days!

The rest of the visit was also very "old school," sitting and waiting forever, when it seems like it'd be easy to put a tracker on the doctor, then time all his comings and goings over several months, then come up with some statistical data of how long it takes to get to you, then give you a more precise appointment time. I had to catch myself again, it's just hard to turn off the industrial thoughts.

Eventually I got back to the holding room, where I waited forever. Getting to see the doctor is a lot like arriving at the Holy of Holies. And just as mysteriously, sort of like a Messiah eventually appearing, the doctor finally comes in. There's a secret hole in the wall -- not just a door, I guess -- that he uses. At long last, we saw each other again.

I felt like things had changed in the last six months. I'm well known around town and the state now because of all my industrial work. So he had a pretty good smile for me as a greeting. For once in my life I felt like he and I were on the same page, on the same level. I gave him a good firm manly handshake, which he seemed to appreciate. I just hope it wasn't his operating hand.

In addition to the usual health stuff, what pills I should be taking and how Grandma's doing at home, he was definitely more into me as a person. I felt the camaraderie that equals always feel, a good comfort level. I sat on the exam table with a lot of confidence and kept eye contact with him. As equals, we exchanged a few hearty laughs over nothing really.

In the end he pronounced me healthy. I explained how vivacious I felt, and he nodded in an understanding way. He put his hand on my back and invited me over this winter to see his Christmas lights. I told him I appreciated him honoring me in that way and that I would try somehow to reciprocate.

To be feted in this way was a real experience. But that's what happens when you've got your own factory.

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