Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Residential Industrialists Gaining Dominance

It looks like they don't think it's so funny now!

The major industrial powers, at first taunting and ridiculing the Residential Industrial Movement (RIM) -- "rank amateurs," "pathetic in every way," and "newbies" -- are now reeling from its impact. The combination of unlimited goods and extremely low prices has been too much for the big guys.

Like always, there's a lot more going on behind the scenes than what anyone sees. But because what we see is a lot of panic and resistance, it has to be insane behind the scenes. I can well imagine what's going on, and some of this leaks out to those who are paying attention. Of course the phone lines to the government are burning up, as they seek a renewed advantage. And we're burning them up too, flexing our new muscles for our own interests.

I myself am just at the periphery -- the bigger boys have taken over. But I'm getting the word. It's filtering up to me from a network of cousins in the know, and of course some of the bigger residential manufacturers of my town. What I can say about it exactly is limited because all eyes are on this blog, and, as they say, "Loose lips sink nascent grassroot movements."

I was watching the show on TV, "River Monsters," and it made me think of some of the parallels between that and industrialism. In case you don't know, there's a host who's always off to fish in some exotic location, looking for "river monsters" in the area that are blamed for missing children, missing boats, and missing TV hosts. He does his investigations by spending the entire hour trying to catch one of these gigantic fish. Then he examines it, pronounces it innocent and gently releases it back. Two days later, we hear of an entire village missing but no one sees the connection.

Anyway, one of the themes is that some of these monstrous fish are introduced to a particular area, meaning they upset the natural ecology there and tend to have the upper hand against native species. They eat up the entire habitat and other fish. By the time the TV cameras get there, there's little left except a puddle of water and this one species, looking very innocent and content.

You can see something of what's going on with the RIM. We introduced the concept of "Every Man With An Industry." The 'other species,' the major industrial powers didn't see it coming till it was too late, and now we're on the verge of complete domination in all the fields of manufacturing and industry. Of course they're going to fight back ... with all they've got ... with all they've got left ...

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