Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Industry Is Nature's Way

With the dawn of a new day, I stepped outside to let Underbrush pee and poo and I noticed the sun coming over the horizon. To the east, that's the direction I was looking.

Looking up at that fiery orb -- old Sol -- it occurred to me that the sun was the constantly stoked blast furnace in nature's industrial section. And that, really, when you think of it, that's all there is, one big natural industrial section, producing, presenting, and ultimately consuming everything. It's like biting your own lip; you're feeding on yourself.

Back inside, I made some coffee, and that went OK. In the kitchen the light was on, a weaker version of the blast furnace in the sky. But here in my international blogging citadel, the other room, the light isn't so good. The other day I moved a stand-up lamp from next to my desk to next to my bed, so I could read for a few minutes at night before bed. That means the lighting near my desk is very poor. But, no matter, I just pushed the curtains aside to let in the light from our common blast furnace. Problem solved!

The more I think about industry and industrial works, the more I see how right it all is. Before, we were in our normal, ho-hum residential areas, clipping the bushes, whacking the weeds, edging our sidewalks (personally, I wasn't, since the sidewalk doesn't go by our property), and keeping our lawns mowed to no real purpose, since all we were doing with it was letting it grow so we could mow it again. Our lives were empty. Then, with the Residential Industrial Movement, we finally put our properties to some use, replacing the emptiness with industry. Now we're happy!

What caused the big switch? My belief is that we're finally a little more in harmony with nature and nature's way. Because, as it turns out, nature is industry. The bees show it, cramming themselves in a hive, stepping over one another on their way in and out, making honey, then selling it to bears. That's why bears hibernate, to give bees more time to get honey manufactured. And we can easily see there's no slowdown in the construction industry, if we start including all the animal and insect construction going on in good times and bad. Nests, mud homes, holes in trees, dams ... the list goes on of all the places that are being built.

Take a look, those of you who are ignorantly yearning for empty green space: Nature will show you! We're here to be industrious, to manufacture and present our goods on the open market. From the time we get up till nightfall, when the blast furnace is still roaring over China, that's what life is meant to be!

So I'm up for the day. Thinking about what I can do, whether it's making a tire, generating electricity, or building a house. We're all part of nature and we all need to fit in.

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