Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Perfect Fit For Industries

I called for a coming together, a joining of hearts and minds, the best minds of the neighborhoods. My purpose, to see if we could work together and make everything fit in the output of the residential industries.

If things don't fit together, that's no good. It'd be OK for artwork, nailing, bolting, gluing, hooking any assortment of random parts together, everything dangling there, preferably moving slowly in the wind. But for something with an end in the consumer market, small scale or large scale, it has to be appropriate for the consumer's use, fitting in the hand if that's its purpose or meshing in harmony with other parts and components if it's part of a larger whole.

The call went out, first for everyone's feelings on the subject, that when the conclave commenced we would be that much farther ahead. I also asked, based on the honor system, for delegates to be selected among the various neighborhoods and industrial divisions.

We chose my own half acre for the gathering, securing the services of a residential tent-maker to pitch us one of his finest products wherein we would proceed. He knew a guy a few blocks up who makes chairs, and he was happy to put his products on display by allowing the gathering to sit on them, beaming with pride. Anything else we needed for this affair we either secured from various residential sources or found in the garage or basement.

Then we depended on our own pooled intelligence, going by the principle that if you have a large enough group someone there is going to know it. It works with trivia, usually, so it also works with other things. The finest minds of our neighborhoods -- working in common cause -- rose to the occasion.

A lot of it was a matter of dividing up the industries in their groups, then keeping those who may span different industries toward the edges. At some point we lost our individuality and became more like a gigantic single organism with a brain that functioned in a top notch capacity at the highest speed and efficiency for computing, calculating, and problem solving. It was amazing, we thought alike. We got thirsty at the same time and had to answer nature's call en masse.

I gaveled the meeting to order. That was the easy part. Every eye was on me. I eyed my notes tentatively. Then I set them aside and spoke from the heart. Acclaim was received, with applause. The general session got underway. Then the divisions were made. Business followed. Decisions were made. A spirit of friendship and mutuality prevailed. With a long day together, everything was settled.

From this point on, the residential industrial movement will have no trouble putting out products that the public will be happy to buy and use.

With that, I asked for a motion to adjourn. Everyone was eager to get going, to return to their homes and factories to bring forth their products in the days lingering ahead. Now we would have the utmost confidence that things were being made that were entirely good. Cars would look good. Hospital beds would roll down the hallway smoothly. Disposable diapers would not sag even when full.

Every eye was on me for what I was called by acclaim to do, gavel the session closed and bid everyone safe travels and good fortune for the future.

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