Monday, July 13, 2009

No More Flack On My Hiatus

I started my hiatus in an instant. I said, "I am going on hiatus," and it was done. I quit everything just like that and found myself with lots of time off. And people really noticed at first. I got a lot of flack, incoming flack lobbed at me by those who thought they knew better.

But my memories aren't that great to remember who everyone was and all they did. I didn't write it down, except maybe on bits of paper that have since been swept up and thrown away. All I have is the memory of a few of the people from the blog's real life visits showing up and giving me flack.

The worst flack of all, I clearly remember, came from Garrett Al. And I remember this best, of course, because his frustration with me came with a serious erotic component. Garrett Al is a very vile person, not ashamed to put his needs out there and to insist on his own way with someone he thinks could be his partner. Weapons were brandished, he gave me some flack, and the short version is the police showed up and took him away. As far as I know he slept that night on a metal cot with very tight mesh, very tight. Whether the other prisoners gave him any flack, I don't know, but he would've enjoyed it.

They always say that other prisoners keep track of what you're in for. And whereas they don't seem to have any scruples when they're out in society -- without conscience they engage in heinous crimes -- in prison these same individuals become very conscientious. Each crime is ranked as something they approve of, tolerate, barely tolerate, can't tolerate, or strongly disapprove of. They obviously approve of murder because that's the penalty they deal for any crime that's barely tolerable or below. They won't take flack from anyone. They're very censorious. They've always got their sensors in the air, listening for any gossip or appraisal of someone else's crime. Then they swoop in to exact the murderous penalty.

We've all heard some of this. Anyone who kidnaps a child, they say prisoners hate that. So you're dead. Anyone who abuses a child, they hate that. Really, anything that involves children, prisoners have a very soft spot in their heart for kids. Either they're very sentimental, which I doubt, or they're just looking for a good excuse to kill people, more likely, because they know society will not look unfavorably on them for killing a child molester. The prisoner's reasoning is maybe he can get an early release, which indeed does usually happen.

The way I've heard it is in prison the average guard just winks and looks the other way. Then you've got this child molester being pummeled behind him as he flips through the latest issue of "Guard Life," reading the cover article on "What's Going On When Your Back's Turned -- You Don't Wanna Know." The officials don't give him any flack. Everyone knows the score.

Now, what prisoners at the county jail think of a guy like Garrett Al, in the clink for lascivious liberties with an unwilling adult male and his grandmother, I don't 100% know. Probably the added bonus of Grandma suffering his thrusting advances would add to my case. That's barely tolerable for even me to think about. But I'd rather not settle the score on my own. I'll leave it to the police to rough him up. I turned my back so there wouldn't be any witnesses, plus I also don't wanna know. Anyway, I needed to get Grandma back to her room, whether she wanted to go or not. She gave me a little flack, but some warm apricot juice got her back to sleep.

But those days are past. And the hiatus at the heart of it goes on. However, and this is something I announced yesterday, I'm hoping to end it very soon and get back to work. But when to end it, that's something that's undecided. Maybe after the 100th day. That could be a significant marker, and I need to figure out when that is so I don't overshoot it, assuming I haven't already. I've put up with a lot of flack, that's for sure. And I don't need any more now.

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