Friday, March 12, 2010

Cancer Cured In 1911

This ad is from 1911. Meaning we've gone almost 100 years and the good news hasn't sunk in yet, that cancer is cured.

This guy, Samuel Franklin De Vore, M.D., was able to do it with "no knife, no operation, no chloroform, little or no pain." I don't know what that would leave exactly, maybe magnets and garlic necklaces. But whatever it was, His method succeeds in all cases not too far advanced.

Maybe that last phrase was his out. If his method didn't succeed, that would've been a case too far advanced. But no one had to wait forever to find out, because, "I tell you at once whether you can be cured..." Once he accepted your case you knew you'd be OK, because, "I positively will not accept a hopeless case under any circumstance."

And no need for an expensive hospital stay, since you would be right there in Dr. De Vore's own home! Just his reasonable terms, with satisfaction guaranteed. Can't beat that.

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