Saturday, March 6, 2010

No One Likes A Grump -- It's A Great Day

I could just sit here and complain, thinking over some of the more complicated things of my life. But no one likes a grump or a complainer, so I may as well just claim something different for myself, joy. And say it's a great day regardless of what else may be going on.

I was reminding myself of this yesterday in the middle of a crisis, Enjoy yourself, enjoy it. It's a thought that comes to me when things are going wrong. Like stuff no one can help, like if we have an enormous blizzard. Of course it's going to complicate everyone's life, but enjoy it. There's plenty of interesting things about it.

The same thing is true about having a busy schedule and hoping you can do justice to all of it. Or even make it, the basic accomplishments plus actual survival from the strain. If I'm looking at a schedule like that, I'm thinking many things. Like, What can I get done in advance? How can I make it work out? Should I go through it simply dreading it? Or should I put myself into it with a different attitude, one of happiness?

Today is a day for me where there's a few things to be done. But I know the next few weeks are going to be crazy. I could sketch it out, make a chart even, even though there's unforeseeable things. The things I can foresee I can chart, then knock a few of those things off with some quick effort. And everything else will be that much easier.

My first thought on the unforeseeable is Oh No! But it's always going to be that way, so there's no use wishing your life away, wishing yourself through it. Instead, step through it, and do your best, and have a sense of joy along the way.

Life is fun ... even when it's not.

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