Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Local Man Supports Men

In the perfect world, where every man's voice would have equal weight among men, there would be an honest discussion of the issues that every man raises, as to his opinions and feelings concerning the affairs and well being of men in general.

Man, as is well known in the highest echelons of all of man's disciplines, is a social animal. Because of this, a man's ideas are not meant to wither and die on the vine of thought, but are meant to be shared within his society of men. As every man is a brother, every man has something to contribute to the family of man, that men everywhere might be blessed and prosper.

The prosperity and blessing of men everywhere depends on what happens within this social network or scheme. The one and the many are together. Such is the truth among men, the truth whereby man lives.

In the light of these truths, the fact that I -- one local man -- supports the raising up and affirming of men everywhere -- women, boys, and girls being included as men -- is an important thing. Every other man may be unconscious of his place in the family of man, and may lack the ideas and follow through to act on his ideas were he to have any. Then there are the many levels of functionaries, who are entrusted to be working on man's behalf day in and day out, scratching out ideas on tablets or manning the many levers of machines. They may be drifting off because of the monotony of their work. It takes a few bright men somewhere, men like me, at the local level, to really say, "Hey, what about this idea?"

My idea is to restore the designation of man and men back to their proper place in our language and the affairs of social intercourse. For too long, man has bucked his past, and has allowed the tampering of the old ways, trying, with no good reason, to dilute the language pool, to his hurt. This has not helped anyone. It has only muddied up the water, and mucked up some of our self consciousness as men.

So note it. One man can make a difference, in this case to restore language and our consciousness. One local man who supports all men and the dignity of man. That local man is me.

This is a solemn call to the rest of my species, to exalt yourself as men, letting man prevail in a proud way, with no lingering doubts.

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