Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Elvis Presley -- A Squirrely Looking Guy

On the Elvis Presley album, "Elvis In Person," now part of the "Legacy Edition" CD set fronted with the "On Stage" album, between tracks, Elvis has a few things to say.

It's right at the end of "Hound Dog," just before he goes into "I Can't Stop Loving You," that he's taking a drink of water, and he mimics someone who might be talking about him, "It that him? Thought he was bigger than that. Squirrely looking guy, ain't he?"

Isn't that something? That Elvis would suggest he was a squirrely looking guy? To me that's really something, because I can't think of anyone who looks better. Maybe I'm just jaded from looking at Elvis most of my life -- my first album at 5 was an Elvis record. When I look at Elvis I must be looking with completely different eyes, although I know there's a lot of people who are the same.

But when you are Elvis, which only he could be, he must've had some of the same complexes that a lot of us have, who don't happen to be famous, and who aren't looked at a lot by people. Like in my case, if I keep my head down no one sees me. If I keep my head up, only ticket takers, security guards, and beggars notice me.

I might be something of a "squirrely looking guy," not as squirrely as a lot of people I see on a daily basis, although I tend to see a lot of beauty in the average squirrely looking person. Some of them I have to turn away from, of course, but that should go without saying.

But Elvis squirrely looking? Never!

UPDATE: Maybe I don't know the official definition of squirrely. But I think it has to do with appearance as well as eccentricity.

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