Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Feel Like Having Something Fattening

I feel like having something fattening, but I know I shouldn't, because I'm fat enough. Or at least I feel fat enough.

What sounds good is a big, fat, juicy, mouth watering, taste tempting banana split from Dairy Queen. I had one of these a couple weeks ago, and it was, [insert many mouth noises], very good.

I substituted caramel for the pineapple sauce, which makes it better. Other than that, whatever the standard model was, I went with it. There was a difference from what I used to have years ago, the last time I had one of these. The difference, they didn't put the banana at the bottom of the whole works then build around it anymore. Instead they put the ice cream (ice milk) in place, then the banana on top of that, maybe pushed down slightly. That was the difference.

Still, it didn't affect the taste one bit, of course, just the appearance. It still looked good, but more modular or modern, a banana more in your face or hovering above its normal station.

It could be that I will actually go ... but I'm telling myself it shouldn't be done.

I really showed my steely resolve today on at least one front. I quit drinking soda pop a couple years ago, except for the family's traditional red pop at Christmas, and I've stuck to that scrupulously. The only variance from the red pop only rule was the fact that someone did put 7 Up in the Christmas punchbowl. But I figured it was Christmas and just lumped it in, since with the Hawaiian Punch, it was still red.

Anyway, someone also gave me a decorative bottle of Coke at Christmas, a bottle that was squat and round, the same way I'd be if I drank it. So it's been setting around the house since Christmas, not really presenting a temptation to me, since I knew I wouldn't drink it. But still I didn't like having it around, so today I poured it down the drain. So I can at least be proud of that.

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