Saturday, March 27, 2010

Strongheart B, L & B Flavor (Dog Food Labels 4 of 5)

Now we've got a beautiful label! I've always liked this one, even though I'm not personally that crazy about liver.

Maybe I like it because of the beautiful brown color. It really makes the big eared dog stand out nicely. It gives it a very healthy look. And since a lot of the meat we like is brown when it's cooked, maybe that's what gives it a real good feeling.

Would I like to have beef, liver, and bacon mixed together? No, not really. But seriously, leave the liver out and it wouldn't be so bad with beef and bacon. I've had bacon cheeseburgers before and they're real good. Also double bacon cheeseburgers, which is just about the same thing.

It'd be tough to picture it, if you went to the burger joint and they put a big slab of liver on top of a bacon cheeseburger or double bacon cheeseburger. It sounds nasty. And what it might look like, it'd have to be worse. Or equally bad, the look and the taste.

But when it comes to dog food, dogs don't care. I used to do quite a bit of rabbit hunting, and, it seems gross now, but the dogs would eat the intestines as they fell to the ground. They might be steaming in the snow but they'd fight over them. I can only imagine if I threw in a big piece of liver, to them it'd be like a cherry on the top.

So let's think about this particular can of food. Even though it sounds disgusting to us, to dogs this has to be a terrific flavor. Down it goes, they're happy, just don't breathe on me ... please.

As for the label, it's one of the really pretty ones, like I said, the color, the presentation, the associations with meat, the fact that it promises a real variety, the different meats. Everything about it is good, except the liver.

Looking at the ingredients (not pictured), I see it contains beef by-products, liver, and bacon. What do you suppose the proportions would be? Is there a slice of bacon in there ground up? I don't know.

Whatever may be the ingredients, it's a handsome label, one I like very very much! It's just too bad about the liver...

Tomorrow: Husky Beef.

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