Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Local Man Supports The Team

There's no team like the local team, the Cardinals. I try to show my support. How? By going to most of the games and rooting with all my might.

When they put in the new bleachers, it gave me pride. When they transform the lovely field with artificial turf, as they're doing, I think, hmmm, injuries, and I don't care so much for that. But perhaps the powers that be know what they're doing.

When they ring the bell after each victory, I take that resounding gong home with me in my memory. When the graduating senior quarterback throws a touchdown pass with three seconds to go, I go ballistic. Utterly.

I like to hang out at the refreshment stand and eye some of the ladies, and get popcorn that's still fairly cheap, not like your larger city fare. When halftime ends I head back to my seat, because there's still a whole half of great action to go.

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