Friday, January 23, 2009

Every Inch Stepped On

I was out in the snow today and had one of those feelings that I've had periodically over the years. That is to think about all the people who've tracked through here and every inch of land over the course of time.

The snow comes down and is virginal, but it loses its virginity very fast, with everything tracking over it. Squirrels, rabbits, dogs, birds, me, the gas man, the postman, neighbors, kids, etc. You look out and it doesn't take long till there's been a footstep or marking made virtually everywhere. Then multiply that over the many years and you realize there's barely an inch of territory that doesn't get someone's tromping feet on it.

But I suppose I should back up. Because I drive across country sometime, giving Grandma a ride, and we look out at the fields and there aren't always tracks out there. Or the land up on the hill with the trees. Realize though that if you actually got there there'd have to be rabbit tracks, deer tracks, birds, and other things. It can't be as pure as it looks from the car.

The earth is made to be used. Footprints, snow angels, pee stains, rubbish blowing up against fences, other droppings and marks.

It's not just us. It's dinosaurs and lizards. They've all been through here.

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