Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hillbilly Talk

I used to fancy myself a hillbilly with hillbilly roots. I still have the roots, of course, but I'm now very sophisticated. I drink out of my own glass and use an inside toilet.

Still, my roots go down into the southern part of Missouri, to folks who lived back in the hills, made their own liquor, and married cousins. Really, I do believe I have (or have had) some distant cousins, each one blind, who had a whole houseful of kids, some of them blind, and it was a small house.

I like hillbilly talk, like jist for just and tarnation, plum tuckered out, and revenuers. I was thinking one day it'd be interesting to collect hillbilly stuff. I found a couple pieces used one day, a MAW and PAW matching coffee cups. The picture shows a bearded PAW in the outhouse (privy) with MAW calling, "Yer Coffee's Ready!" The other cup shows MAW working the field with a horse and plow, and PAW (no beard) sitting by the side of the house shouting, "Come Git Yer Coffee!"

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