Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grandpa's Birthday

Today would have been Grandpa's birthday. He was born in 1897, so that would make him, what? [Pencil scratching on pad....] Something more than 100 for sure. 97 to 97, then ... 112. Wow, you know you're old when you need a calculator to figure it out!

I don't think I was going this blog last year at this time. I'm too lazy to check but it doesn't seem like it. He would have been 111 then, which is a lot of 1's. But now he has a 2 to break up the monotony. Flip the 111 over and you've got half an I Ching, so that might make him a hill, a mountain, or a berm of something solid, snow, ice, or dirt. Put in the 2 and his berm is lessened, with a sideways 2, clearly a digit and not a symbol of land.

Grandpa wanted to make 100. I'm sure he thought he would. But he didn't. Death intervened, and he passed on in the late 1970s. He didn't seem like he was in the worst of health. But life was hard for him. He worked hard. He looked old most of the time.

He had a rugged sense of humor. Not always appropriate. He told us a story one time, many times actually, about a guy who they put a necktie on. He stood in one place for three days! (The joke there is that they used to tie up horses to keep them in one place and this guy associated having a necktie with being tied up like a horse.) Some of Grandpa's language wasn't too appropriate for younger ears, including mine. I don't like to have a lot of cuss words on my blog -- which was really the heart of Grandpa's vocabulary. But he's famous for one line, waving to a guy passing by and saying he's "Harry." Harry who? Harry [A-hole, censored by me.]

Today is his day. Long may he live ... in Heaven.

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