Friday, January 9, 2009

People Are Dying

I had an aunt die recently, might have been November or December. They don't always tell you about aunts and uncles who die. Maybe they think we're out of touch or don't care. But you eventually hear about it.

This was an aunt who lived out in Colorado. She was one of the boys' (Grandma's son's) wife, and she used to be back at least once a year to see us all. The '60s as far as I was concerned were the golden years for the Colorado relation to come back. They were still coming in the '70s ... but it all tapered off then.

So I haven't seen this particular aunt since the '70s sometime or maybe the late '60s. The whole old family is giving up the ghost.

I posted a picture a few days ago, a bunch of people standing around the old house. The passed on aunt is in that picture.

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