Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hiatus -- Thar She Blows!

I'm a good buoy, I'm not nautical. But today I'm taking an excursion with a boating theme. What's good's a hiatus if you can't get out in nature and make a splash?

I'm just pushing out from shore and looking at the crowds back on land. How needy they look, milling around, seeking a word of wisdom, some attention. May be a few paralytics in the crowd borne by four. I've shove out in deeper water in a minute. Just let me look at the needy a little longer and wish them bon voyage.

Up on the mountain I see Garrett Al. He's needy in his own perverted way. But believe me, if he got any closer I'd beat him off with an oar. I'd render him so impotent they'd encourage him to live within 2000 feet of a school and they might even make him a traffic guard!

But for the most part the crowd is nameless and faceless. They're clawing their way toward the front to take a look at me on my skiff. A few of them look mean, like Skidrow bums, maybe a few resentful carpet dealers. They're giving me one of those Italian curse signs you do with your arm. A couple of their kids -- miniature versions of the real thing -- are running toward the water, skipping rocks in my direction.

I'll take my big stick and push it against the bottom of the lake or sea, wherever I am. I'm thinking of setting sail for somewhere else! Leave the pests behind, sail for the future. Let them fend for themselves. They'll soon get tired of watching me out here, especially as I get smaller and smaller and finally disappear. They'll learn they can't look to me for every morsel.

As to this blog, yes, it's a good thing. But sometimes enough is enough. What did you do before I was here? Then do it again! If what I gave you was good and now I think I need this hiatus, wouldn't my thought on that need also be good? Makes sense.

Now I'm in the open water. I'll just click it on autopilot and taste the spring breeze. There's some seagulls flying above. Maybe it's a mobile on my bed.

Now I turn my rig into a fiord and look at the close rocks. Close enough for someone to jump on me. Pirates maybe. A whole pack of Garrett Als with peglegs or just happy to see me. But it doesn't happen. Maybe he's getting the message, I'm strictly off limits to that whole scene.

(This entire post is extremely off. I'm sorry for it.)

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