Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Hiatus Humdrum

Tapping my fingers on the table ... checking the meat for freezer burn ... dusting the telephone ... alphabetizing the cookbooks ... pressing my aprons ... whistling ... this is getting dull.

Grandpa's got those nails in the garage in baby food jars and coffee cans. I could make sure they're not rusting. They could be. He's been dead almost 31 years. Some of those coffee cans might be antiques and worth some money by now. I saw one of them had a promo on it for Doctor Doolittle. Isn't he the guy who had a two headed llama? Antique stores might pay a pretty penny for that.

I went to bed early and got up late, so at least I'm accomplishing something, getting plenty of rest. I'm relaxing pretty much, very mellow. Slippers, housecoat, sipping some apricot juice. Nothing in the weather's got me upset. The phone hasn't been ringing. My mail has dropped way off since I've been on hiatus. Most of my readers have moved on.

Maybe I ought to go out to Walmart and see if they still have that 10 gallon jobbie. Maybe get me some fish. And some color gravel. If I did I think it'd be best to get one of those aerated skin divers opening a treasure chest. Adds some life to it. And of course the fish swimming around adds life too.

I'm planning on cooking a hotdog for dinner tonight. Probably need to check the expiration date on the relish. Hotdogs are easy to make. Brown them up, don't burn them. I'm sure they're pre-cooked. Where'd I get that idea? I wonder. What do they do, cook them at the factory? Maybe they go through a big oven on their way to the packaging center. But if they're pre-cooked how come there's no signs of puffing, searing, or anything? I don't know.

Maybe they meat's cooked before they press it into hotdogs. Like they take the animal meat, meat byproducts, and meat-like substances, mash it all together, and boil it. At that point it's cooked. Then hash it all up and form it in the classic hotdog shape. Then package them with no obvious signs of them having been cooked. We assume they're cooked. I know I've had them raw before.

They say if you've ever seen them made you'd never eat them. So I don't want my imagination to be too accurate.

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