Friday, August 20, 2010

Industrialists Face Stiff Competition

Up till now the Residential Industrial Movement (RIM) has had a very happy time of it as it relates to intra-movement relations. And I'm hoping that if we maintain our perspective, and see that there's room enough for all, that we can continue to prosper and grow in harmony.

The RIM of course came as a reaction against the overall nastiness of the major industrial powers' hegemony in the industrial field, not to mention their sense of entitlement. They had taken over vast tracts of land, making "industrial sections" in our towns and cities. And while they were geographically secluded, all of us were made to suffer their terrible appearance and pollution. More than that, all of us were made to suffer their influence, as they used their sway to demand political favors. They also kept supply low and prices high, so much so that, in my opinion, it was a royal mess.

A little bit of thought about this situation led me to question the whole situation, and my question boiled down to this: "Why should they have an industrial section? Why shouldn't every man have his own factory?" Definitely that'd make things a lot more fair. Then we wouldn't be waiting forever for supplies of industrial goods to reach the market. The market itself would be churning stuff out. And we would have some say over price, probably a great deal of say. That was the basic philosophy, making me the philosophical father of the whole shebang, and that's the way it's worked out.

But now, with a little bit of time having passed, and I suppose some of this would've been predictable, there are bigger residential industrial concerns and smaller. And the bigger are reportedly trying to throw around some of their weight and squeezing the little guy. If they can control supply lines, take increased advantage, etc., then the rest of us might be sitting here at their mercy. They're looking to increase their competitive edge, I fear to the point that they might endanger the whole movement. Is that their goal?!

This is just a heads-up today, calling the smaller guys to band together, or at least open your eyes and see what's going on, so we can keep our own position. Let's not let the increased competition, from within (!), pull down what we've achieved. If that happens -- and remember, your philosophical father knows best -- we will have just substituted new major industrialists for the old. And as our own residential factories start to fall, I fear it will dispirit us for generations, meaning the Dark Ages for residential industrialism at best, and complete annihilation at worst. I'm sure all of you will get this: It's very tough to bounce back quickly from complete annihilation.

The RIM has brought a new balance to the supply and demand ratio. With every man making products, of course there's an enormous glut of products, keeping prices dirt cheap. This is good, even if some industrialists are reporting a hard time supporting themselves. I'm calling you not to give up hope. The more we make, the more we have to sell. The more we sell, the more money we bring in, even if prices continue to fall. Let's keep our warehouses full ... as well as our optimism.

BLOGGING LANDMARK -- Today marks my 900th post. That's putting me up in Methuselah territory, meaning I'm getting very old and long in the tooth. I'm often asked what I credit my longevity to, and the answer's always the same, the passing of time and persistence. The more time passes, the more opportunity I have. And the more persistent I am, being a creature of habit, the higher my numbers go.

To have 900, that's a huge number! If I am literally 900 years old, think about it, I have exceeded the normal lifespan by over 800 years! Clearly there's something about my genes that are ram tough!

900 is also a very messianic number. I'm not saying I'm the Messiah or divine or any of that, of course. I'll just put it out there and let you draw your own conclusions. But remember a few years ago when Pastor Oral Roberts saw a 900-foot Jesus outside his house? Right there you have it! He didn't say 899, but 900 specifically.

I've looked into this subject. There's even a rapper and experimental musician out there somewhere who goes by the name MC 900 Ft. Jesus. Isn't that wild? And one other thing, in the apocryphal 'Gospel of Peter,' portraying the resurrection of Jesus, we see three males coming out of the sepulcher. The heads of two of them reach into heaven, but the third's head goes beyond the heavens! That's obviously very tall, in my opinion exactly 900 feet. He'd need Christo the artist to make him an orange robe. Christo?

So that's what's going on in the blogging realm. I'm 900 years old and 900 feet tall today, and I'm letting everyone draw their own conclusions as to what this means for anyone's potential divinity.

Today's post was also about competition. And they have that in the blogging realm as well. I'm proud to say that I still don't have any serious competition on the entire internet. No one -- and I mean no one -- has come close to me in terms of quality or the quantity of raw output.

See you in the next 900!

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