Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Industrialists' Work Ethic

Yesterday, I was decrying (or gentle scolding) those industrialists of the Residential Industrial Movement (RIM) who are getting a little ahead of some of the smaller guys. That was my post on "Stiff Competition," and I'm hoping my words will encourage them to tone it down a bit, so we can maintain the harmony of our movement. I think that's best done by looking out for one another. After all, we had something else in mind for the RIM than what we've seen with the major industrialists, who are strictly dog eat dog.

But I don't want anyone to get the idea that I'm discouraging a diligent work ethic. I want our hard work to continue apace and perhaps even increase. Remember, I'm the one who's calling for full warehouses! Two things about that: 1) It's good to keep prices dirt cheap; 2) By our diligence, we can more readily put the major industrialists out of business. The sooner we have the field to ourselves, the happier we'll all be. Then each of us can see, what many have already seen, major industrialist management figures out of work and coming to our residential factories, looking for the easy pencil pusher jobs they've had all these years. Jobs, by the way, they'll never see!

The important thing to stress is that we do want stiff competition, but not against ourselves but against them. If we're eating our own, it'll just cause animosity. And split the movement, perhaps to the point where the little guy would have to redouble his efforts, together, to bring down the larger, more predatory members of the RIM. Because in this worst case scenario, there would have to be a whole new RIM, which we want to avoid if we can. Just look out a ways and realize, a little short term sacrifice, the big guy slowing down a bit now, will result in long term gain for all, because then we won't be forced to take the big guy out.

I hate to paint such a dire picture -- and of course it's all imaginary and a cautionary note at this point. It's definitely not set in stone that it has to be this way. We can choose our own future and make of it whatever we want it to be. To keep a strong work ethic and to keep an eye out for our movement are complementary, mutually reinforcing values.

On the other hand, if we can bring down the major industrialists, with rapacity, like fevered piranha on their fat legs, it'll be good if we work like the devil, day and night. We need the work ethic of demons! Because what we have for them -- is hatred too strong a word? The sooner we destroy their fortunes, the better! And the sooner we see them groveling at our feet, universally loathed, begging in vain for any easy pencil pusher job, and clawing the wall in disappointment as they exit our facilities, the happier we'll be. I'd also like to see them stricken with boils, if somehow nature can pitch in...

When I look at it in that light, I can't wait to get back to work, and I know all of you feel the same way. I might just have to stay up an hour later and get up an hour earlier, to have my tire factory churning out more tires, that I can hasten that day. Any little thing you do, you can hasten that day. Keep your work ethic strong. Dig in, gear up, kick it in gear, put the pedal to the metal, redouble your efforts, scream like a banshee, work hard, keep your nose to the grindstone, attack it like a dervish, go for all the gusto! Keep your kids home from school so they can work! And if you can find a piece of meat, bite into it -- like a turkey leg -- tear into it! That's the piranha stuff I mentioned.

We can keep this movement going strong, especially if we work together! Let's keep in mind, brothers, who the enemy is.


After my 900th post yesterday I got some questions from a few of you. I thought I'd put in a minute or so to answer a couple of these, especially since it seems like younger bloggers are really interested in refining their craft.

Q - What's the secret of your longevity?

A - There's no secret actually. It's like I was just saying, if you have a strong work ethic, you can get a lot accomplished. I'll tell you what I always tell young bloggers: Set your sights high, then follow through and see what you can accomplish. You'll surprise yourself. I have that work ethic and it's never failed me. Another word for it would be persistence. Or discipline. Or an old word I like: stick-to-it-tiveness. In other words, you don't give up easily.

Q - Where do you find the time? I mean, 900 posts, that's awesome!

A - I don't really worry about the numbers. Numbers are good, you know, to look back on. Really, it just sneaks up on you, how many you get. Especially if that isn't your emphasis. Finding the time is not as hard as it sounds. Again, it's the work ethic and persistence. You believe in something and you put forth the effort. If you have a passion for something, that's what it takes. I started off -- and there weren't that many people who believed in me. So I had to believe in myself, and my cause. Next thing I knew, I'd gone past 100, then 200, and so forth, all the way up to this most recent mark, 901 today! But, again, numbers aren't my aim. It's the passion I have, and what I can accomplish for the greater good. Try it sometime! :)

Q - Do you have any advice for a young blogger?

A - Yes, I do. Find something you love and something you believe in and give it your all. It won't take long and you'll look back and see you've aged quite a bit!

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