Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Got A Roto-Rooter Gift Certificate

How's this for timing? I got a Roto-Rooter gift certificate in the mail yesterday, two days after my first plumbing disaster in years. With this card I could've gotten $25 off, but now what? I don't see an expiration date.

I didn't actually go with Roto-Rooter the other night, but I might've if I'd had this card. Now I can only wait and hope I never need it.

I'm smiling at their greeting, after telling me I can get $25 off my next service, they say, "We look forward to serving you and your home again soon." How's that? That's like an ambulance driver saying we look forward to serving you soon. Have a heart attack. We can't wait for a catastrophe. That's the only time I call.

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Anonymous said...

No good deed goes unpunished.