Friday, March 7, 2014

I Am Diametrically Opposed

When you care enough to be really opposed to something, always hold out for being diametrically opposed. Even if you're stupid about words, diametrically obviously carries an extra level of disdain -- purple passion -- to show you're not just dinking around. The very word declares itself the Diamond Standard of Opposition, unmistakable in whatever its implications may be.

I've actually been a very nice guy, for many years. And I will continue that practice, no matter who I have to walk over to do it. But I must be smart -- and this I recommend for others, too, because we've all had trouble with the bastards. Those we've tried to please. Who are then more than happy to run roughshod over us, overwhelm us, and leave us in the dust, themselves never looking back, unless by some special dispensation, like the need to get a picture for the party. I am diametrically opposed to the whole thing!

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend," I used to hear my mom say, with my dad then putting off the subject for more prosperous times which, unfortunately, never came. But she always had that dream. There's a reason diamonds are the gift for the 75th anniversary, because basically no one makes it. And the ones who do are always the frugal souls who have no use for them.

Diamonds are extremely valuable, we see, and for good reason. I saw a good science show that said diamonds are from stars, actually like everything except hydrogen. Only stars (and Superman) can crush carbon sufficiently to make a diamond! Think about that! Only stars and Superman! Meaning, for our purposes today, that if you're diametrically opposed to something, you're really special. But what happens is, Most of us limit our opposition, making us weaklings for the slightest persuasion (or trickery, rhetorical or otherwise). But no more! 

You can tell I'm serious, OK? Stepping out of character here. Enough is enough. I've finally decided this is how it's going to be. It's literally now or never; if I'm going to prevail, I have to change things now. Enough being everyone's dishrag, snot-rag, doormat, and the last bendable obstacle in their way. And I ask you to join me. From now on -- even with our basically good attitudes still intact -- we shall be against it! Diametrically opposed!

I'm putting Republicans on notice ... as of ... now.

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