Sunday, November 24, 2019

I'm A Girl-Watcher (Or Boy-)

Part 24 of 30
There's Death In Them Thar Drawers

These are things I definitely like: graceful backs, active muscles, and perfect digestion.

All of us have our preferences, our ideals. My own days of keeping in good condition are nearly over, being old and on the downhill slide. But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up my ideals of what others should aspire to. Our physical appearance and the fitness of our bodies -- whatever our age -- is a big deal. We don’t want to let ourselves go unnecessarily, and any advantage we’re able to sneak in, regardless of Mother Nature, devils, what have you, is a definite plus.

When it comes to fit young ladies, or fit young men for that matter, it’s not really territory that I’m encroaching upon. But of course as long as my eyes hold out, I'm still able to observe what’s going on with people around. I see a few people walk up the sidewalk, or very often in the road itself, and they’re quickly out of sight. But as they go, I naturally see how fit they are, how scroungy, or whatever. They keep coming and they keep going, and for all I know they fall off the edge of the earth when they’re out of sight.

It’s good to take inventory of your own fitness. Because it is good for yourself, your longevity, your social outlook, etc. The more you’re able to rein yourself in from overdoing it in any area of life, the more options you have for health and the all-important love life. The better things are, the quicker you can get your hooks into someone and have an “in” with them, be they rich, famous, or what have you.

This is true because those who are open to you are themselves taking inventory. And it happens fast. The light in my eyes, just speaking of me personally, is virtually extinguished -- I could cross the rainbow bridge any minute -- but as long as there’s even a flicker of light, yes, I’m window shopping. “Hey, baby, let’s get it on,” I’m muttering under my breath for some of the better inventoried passersby. Then there’s the inevitable others, the descriptions of whom would make me sound a coarse observer. Which isn’t my fault. I was raised to make superficial snap judgments.

Touching on the graphic for a minute, these are things I definitely like: graceful backs, active muscles, and perfect digestion. One of the worst things in the world is to be out with someone and have their digestion off, even slightly. Raising up periodically, you know, especially with the boldness people have these days. Some of these things we were discrete about when I was young. Having active muscles is one of those factors for sure. If only half your muscles are active, that means the rest have gone to pot. Not good. And graceful backs are nice. Especially with strength. At my age, with the challenges I'll soon be having, like falling down, any young ladies who’d go with me will probably want a graceful back to hoist me out when I’ve fallen into the ditch.

It’d certainly be embarrassing if we were out and she just left me there. She might say, “My back isn’t that graceful,” immediately disqualifying her. But I haven’t even mentioned her drawers, with the potential danger that’s in them these days. Which definitely These are things I definitely like: graceful backs, active muscles, and perfect digestion.

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