Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Idol

One of the American Idol contestants tonight lives with her 93 year old grandmother.

And she made it through to the Hollywood round, too, which was amazing. Her occupation was listed as "caregiver," so whether that means for Grandma or caregiving in general, I don't know.

They showed her grandmother, needing a little extra volume from her granddaughter in talking to her. I can't remember much more about it.

I know my own experiences with Grandma Slump, though. It'd be nice if she could be a young 93 again. And there's no way I'd be able to leave her behind to go to Hollywood. Now I'm actually out of American Idol's age range -- being in my mid '50s. Of course were I to go on Idol -- let's say they raised the age limit -- I know I'd win. I'm one of those shower singers ... and friends tell me I'm pretty good. (OK, I don't actually have friends. But one time Cousin Roto told me I sang good. I did "At Calvary" at church with an electric guitar and nobody left.)

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