Thursday, January 22, 2009


Dick Cheney was in the news today, saying that he disagreed with George Bush on not pardoning Scooter Libby. I don't have the exact quote but I saw the article, and also heard Keith O. talking about it in his intro.

It's funny the way people do Cheney impressions, like he sounds like the Penguin from Batman. Keith had one of those Monty Python cutouts of his mouth moving up and down, and with the Penguin voice it is very funny.

I'm not going to miss Cheney. I have no good feelings about the guy. But it's too bad he had to go out rolling around in a wheelchair at the inauguration. One of the commentators said it was an apt "metaphor" for the administration, or something, which I immediately turned off. No, Cheney in a wheelchair wasn't a metaphor, it was just a guy in a wheelchair who'd hurt his back.

He did look fairly metaphorical -- secretive, in his own undisclosed hideaway -- in his black clothes and black hat. It was like that Abramoff guy. We don't do black hats that much these days. We do have pictures of folks in top hats at the Inauguration back like 40 some years ago. But it appears those days are gone as things stand.

Well, I must sum up and get busy doing other things with my evening. So let me sum up: Good riddance to Cheney.

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