Monday, January 19, 2009

Ritz Jenga

I saw a bizarre commercial today for Ritz Crackers. Some folks at a party had a stack of crackers on the table and were playing Jenga with it! But the ones I saw were doing it without any restraint, without trying to coax the cracker out. They were more like trying to whip a tablecloth out from under a bunch of dishes.

The first two succeeded and got their cracker out, with the stack intact, and rewarded themselves for their effort by eating the extracted cracker. The third guy went down low for his and the stack toppled, Ah!

Jenga is an interesting game, played with actual pieces and not crackers. It's nerve wracking and I'd rather watch others play it than play myself. But I've done it.

The other commercial I saw that was interesting was for Pepsi. They're keying in on the "Generation" theme again, running through the various generations with the dress and appearance people had through the last 50 or 60 years, of course drinking Pepsi out of the bottles and cans they had at the time.

Now Pepsi has a new, very modular, almost Obama-logo-like, logo. In fact there was another commercial, more graphics and letters, very mod like, spelling out things like "Yes We Can" and getting the new logo out there. It looks cool and refreshing. But I don't drink pop anymore, so it won't work on me.

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