Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Secret Service

That must be weird, to have Secret Service protection all around you. Bomb sniffing dogs, sharpshooters on buildings, agents to the left and right of you, with your kids at school, etc.

But when you're president -- or even a presidential candidate -- that's your reality. Which I'm glad about, because there are plenty of nuts out there who'd love to hurt the president or the president-elect. Probably him especially, because of all the promise yet to come.

I've been to a couple political events where the Secret Service weren't so secret. It was nice to see them, all fit and trim, looking serious, at another level from the rest of us. I remember seeing the sharpshooters (my guess) up on the buildings at Independence, MO when Clinton was there. And the way they had a hold on John Kerry's belt from behind when he was in Sioux City. They could pull him down in a second if there was trouble.

Actually, I was at an Obama event, too, which I hadn't forgotten but it's not on my mind a lot. The Secret Service was there, and one of the agents told a guy standing behind me to keep his hands out of his pocket, sir.

They do a great job for the most part. Just a couple disasters -- JFK and Reagan -- in recent years. The incidences with Gerald Ford had happier endings. I'm just hoping they keep Barack Obama safe forever.

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