Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Broke A Plate Today

I had breakfast at my desk today, this desk where the computer is. My desk is loaded with various things, a pile of CDs, old bills, plastic bags, pens, cans, a camera, the cable modem, etc. Over to the side there's not much room to put anything either.

On the corner of the desk there's an empty peanuts can taking up room. So after eating I set the plate on the peanuts can, then my cereal bowl on top of the plate. The arrangement meant that right above the plate, a little over a foot, was the light switch.

Then sometime later I'm walking by, notice the light on, reach in to hit the light switch, accidentally catch my finger on the plate, and the whole works goes falling down. Except for the peanuts can. Crash and break!

I turned and walked away and said nothing. The dog was sitting on the couch, looking at me to see what the problem might be and I said in a good-natured way, "Boom." Then I turned back, went and got the broom and cleaned up the mess, with my sandals now on so as not to get a piece of plate in my foot.

It wasn't precisely glass, but almost like pottery, but mass produced with more the qualities of glass if not the propensity to shatter into a million pieces. So that happened, just one of those things.

Now I need to look out and not walk through here in my stockings feet for a while.

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