Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Aquarium?

For the most part I feel that I'm living a happy life. I mean, I'm happy, right? Don't I seem happy?

Of course there are times when I'm maybe not perky happy or bubbly happy or jumping up and down. But I'm guessing that everyone feels down at times. The thing for me is simply not to prolong in thought whatever it is that's bugging me. Think of something else. Sidestep it. Do something else.

It's like I said at the top, for the most part, what more could I want in life? I have companionship with Grandma. We have food, a freezer, a pantry. We have a toilet. Running water. A phone. A computer to check out the news, whatever.

And I think I have prospects. People know me, sort of. I see people who act like they've seen me before, and of course they have. The grocery store, Walmart, downtown, the post office. Things could be better in this area. But with age and balding I guess I need to set my sights lower...

Speaking of Walmart, I had my eye on an aquarium last night, thinking maybe one would look good in my room. I think it was a 10 gallon jobbie and seemed to come with enough supplies to get a guy started in a very proper way. I don't know what all was in there. Gravel, a heater, a filter pump, some decorations. Then I'd need fish, and you have to do it all in particular ways so the fish don't get a disease. You want them as happy and healthy as can be.

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